Technical Security Systems register under Al Otri™ company for technology in which involved in local market since1982 by producing simple electronics Device, In 1984 Al Otri for technology had started its activity by production
COMMODORE  & SINCLAIR computer accessories.
In 1986 Otri for technology produced Multi language card for IBM computers which merging between the most popular Arabic systems that time "Windows & Arabic Helper".
In 1987 Al Otri for technology has add Digital Systems for controlling the battery charging and Self TEST System to controlling Emergency Light Device
which Otri for technology were producing which this make big achievement in those device usage.
In 1988 Al Otri for technology manufacturing UPS in different sizes From 300W to 5KVA which providing by Controlling systems called MPU8751 and work with PWM Technology.
1989 Otri for technology manufacturing Bright Message provided with  Arabic character and using movable E-EPROM memory.
In 1990 Al Otri for technology focusing its activity to covering Fire Alarm systems & Burglar Alarm systems and CCTV SYSTEMS by committing with well-known Company like: BOSE, TOA, GANZ, KOBI, PARADOX, ZETA  and more...
After that it begin to active its activity in manufacturing field by creating intelligent solution for CCTV SYSTEMS then through manufacturing SWITCHERS via using integrated PCB then VIDEO AMPLIFIER to VIDEO DISTRIBUTOR
In 1995 Al Otri
for technology has designing The first integrated Switchers by using Hubs principle, through this system you can controlling 255 Speed Dome camera or conventional camera with pan tilt Motors with its Vari-focal lens and it can be connected with PA SYSTEM to reach for 2 way Audio System.
T.S.S now working to improving its production of Switchers to reached for the best Quality/Prices to be competes for Asian products.
T.S.S had manufacturing Jock Box Systems for sound and pictures, in creating Video Jock Box, Audio Jock Box.
T.S.S believe in partner principle with her agent which makes every agent has right to share his decision as main partner. T.S.S export it products for neighborhood country like: Lebanon - Jordan - Iraq and export its products through commissar for other Arabic country like: United Arab Imarets, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and more...
At the end of 2009 the number of
T.S.S partner suppose to reach 19 Distributing Center covering all of Syrian Arab Republic.